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Our Solution

Polaris Financial Services introduces a new philosophy in payroll services, covering payroll needs from A to Z.

Common Solution

✘ Risky
✘ Expensive
✘ No time guarantee
✘ Requires additional administration work

Polaris Payroll Solution

✓ Safe
✓ Affordable
✓ Always on time
✓ Less administration work



How We Operate

  1. We open for each ship-owning company a master e-wallet, multi-currency account and an e-wallet account for every ship, linked to the ship management company’s master account.

  2. We provide each ship with a Visa Card linked with the ship's e-wallet account.

  3. We provide each ship and the ship management company with an "Access Point" through internet.

  4. We open for each seafarer an e-wallet, multi-currency account linked with the account of the ship and the ship management company’s master account.

  5. We provide each seafarer with a multi-currency Visa Prepaid Card linked with his e-wallet account

  6. We provide optional additional cards & e-wallet, multi-currency accounts for the family members.

Crashing Waves


Complete Scenario

Polaris transfers the amount which concerns the seafarer’s payroll onboard (cash advance) monthly, in the seafarer's card.

The seafarer can use his card in order to buy goods and services and to withdraw money from any ATM worldwide with Visa's logo.


The seafarer can transfer money to secondary card (e.g. his wife, or child) all around the world. The money will be available in the secondary card max. in 15 min. The seafarer can transfer any amount of money in any bank account  worldwide, with few clicks only.

For each purchase, which seafarer makes on the ship, (e.g. cigarettes) his card is charged (Via "Access Point"). The money is transferred immediately in the ship’s account, and/or in the ship-owning company’s account.


When the ship needs to be supplied with urgent "cash" for any use such as, fresh supplies, urgent spares supplies, medical expenses, etc. , the necessary amount is transferred from the account to the ship's card by the Captain and/or ship management company via "Access Point" with one click.


The seafarer can receive money upon repatriation in USD


For the Seafarer and the Secondary Card Holder

  • Statement/Balance of his account and his card

  • Money Transfers/internal transfers/wire transfers/card to card transfers, etc.

  • Payments 

  • Forex Services

  • Receive money upon repatriation in USD

For the Ship and the Ship Management Company

  • Statement/Balance of his account and his card

  • Money Transfers/internal transfers/wire transfers/card to card transfers, etc.

  • Payments 

  • Forex Services

  • Administrator Access

  • Virtual POS

  • All the above facilities are multi-currency. 14 major currencies including Euro & USD

  • Polaris can also execute all the above functions on your behalf, via a simple order through its website, with only one click



Grow Your Business

The whole procedure of the money transfer (from employer’s bank account to the seafarer's card) is taking place through the European banking system, under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 FRN 566505, and under the regulations of E.C.B.

The funds for the payroll are deposited in European trust-banking accounts, and until the transaction is completed remain in employer’s property.  

Discussing the Numbers


Simplification/Relief of ship's Master General Account (M.G.A.)

In an over - regulated and administered maritime world, Polaris constantly looks for ways to simplify Master’s bureaucracy on board the ship  

Because of the system's function, the Master or the ship-management company are not obliged to follow up the seafarer's purchases on board in order to calculate the seafarers' pay.  What ever the seafarer wants to buy from the ship, is done by debiting his own card through ship's "Access Point".

Optional Additional Services

TPA Insurance Services linked with the cards, for seafarers and their families

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