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We value our customers and we take pride in delivering a quick secure and reliable service and take all possible steps to protect our customers where possible. However, it is important that as a customer you protect yourself from fraudsters who will use many different tactics to get your money.

We’re a great way to send money to those that you trust, not to someone that you don’t know.

  • Only send payment to persons that you have verified including companies that use Money Transfer Services such as ours.

  • Remember you are responsible for verifying the identity of the intended beneficiary or the person to whom you are making the transfer to.

  • Polaris Financial Services strictly recommends to send money only to the person you know and cannot accept responsibility for loss of funds as a result of a scam or fraud.

  • Whatever the type transaction you are making through our services it is your responsibility to verify the legitimacy of the beneficiary to whom you are transfer money to. eg. the seller of a product or the provider of a service.

  • Polaris Financial Services cannot accept responsibility for failure of your chosen beneficiary for the non-delivery of goods or services nor for the quality of the goods or standards of the service from the beneficiary.

  • Polaris Financial Services is not responsible if you transfer money to a wrong person or a wrong account. There may be individuals trying to commit crime using fraudulent schemes using money transfer service companies and we recommend that you check before you send money or before making a transaction as ‘if the proposal is too good to be true, it probably is’.


The Polaris' prepaid Card and e-wallet products are operated on behalf of Polaris Financial Services Ltd by Mayzus Financial Services Limited (Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 FRN 566505)

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