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Business Partners at Work


Our solutions are sophisticated, tailor-made solutions.

No matter how hard it seems, They cover a full package of premium financial services,
for each one of your financial needs.


Polaris Financial Services is a holding-exempted company registered in Cayman Islands in 8th of October 2014.

The shareholders and the directors have over 25 years of experience in mortgage brokerage, insurance brokerage, stock market brokerage, development of sales networks and shipping finance

We’re a team of experts and we want to help you!


Polaris is targeting the global marine market, providing services, exclusively through web

Team Meeting

Ship Owners and Manning Agencies

We create and develop financial tools tailor-made for the needs of ship-owners and manning agencies.
Thus, we simplify the process of their operations and to expand the development of their businesses.

Young Family

Crews and Families

We cover financial needs of crew members and their families (e.g. Payroll, Salary Advances, Prepaid Cards, Opening Bank Accounts), in cooperation with the ship-owners and/or the manning agencies, or independently.

Polaris Financial Services cooperates with the largest banks and financial institutions, globally, and provides its clients with the best financial services in factoring, credit/prepaid cards, and business solutions. Following, always, a simple and easy procedure.


To create appropriate financial tools, in cooperation with financial institutions by offering our clients high quality and sophisticated financial services

We believe in the high prospects of Polaris because of the professional experience of its members.

We create innovative solutions in financial and TPA services, taking full advantage of the latest technologies, with respectfulness to the human factor.

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